Agnostic in sector. Global in reach.

We are a networked teams of bankers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, finance professionals, innovators, creatives, media, traders and global marketers dialed in on creating and capturing value.

Global Vantage Capital

Next Gen

Some of our network do engage in private investing, asset managing , private capital lending, mergers and acquisition, physical commodity trading, capital strategy engineering and structuring while executing on opportunities of growth, transition and distress.

Track Record

Our network member firms bring together over 20 years of corporate history. Our teams have a track record of success and has created value worth  billions of dollars. Across each of Global Vantage Capital Next Gen verticals, we offer innovative, deliberate and rigorous business processes through our energy, creativity, focus and grit.

“I’m glad to be a part of a global team that focuses on authenticity, credibility, creativity and innovation for generating capital.”

Global Team Member

Global Vantage

Private Investing, Lending, Capital Strategy Engineering and Structuring.

Global Vantage Capital’s dynamic multi-strategy hedge approach allow us to be unconstrained by asset class, industry or geography. We think strategically and act opportunistically to achieve superior results.

Physical Asset Management

Alternative assets can be marked by illiquidity, high ownership costs and even negative cash flows. We have an arbitrage process that unlocks the value of an asset and allows it to become positive revenue and dividends producing. We also purchase assets through our managed purchase program.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our firm takes an active portfolio approach and makes systematic divestitures. This means we have an ongoing search for new target companies to acquire as we actively rotate our portfolio.

Physical Commodities Trading

Global Vantage Capital Next Gen has a global footprint and trades physical commodities and facilitates commodity sourcing for clients around the world.


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